Custom Designed Sheds.

Custom Sheeting & Trim Colours.

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Why Choose A Custom Made Shed?

Hunter Shed Masters add another dimension to garden sheds by providing options that allow the customer complete control in the design and building process. Whether it be in metal or timber we work with the customer to ensure that they get exactly what they want and need. 
Our complete custom service offers any or all of the following :

Gable or skillion styles.
Complete flexibility in length, depth and height (we even make non-square sheds).
Complete choice of all Colorbond colours in both sheeting and trim.
A number of door choices, including roller doors.
Sheeting thickness options.
Choices in windows, louvres, skylights, vents and whirly birds.
Extra water-proofing options.
Timber floors and sleeper bases.
Awnings and verandahs.
Site inspection, delivery and installation options.


Metal Sheds

Custom Colour Sheets & Trim

Timber Sheds

Classic Nautural Look & Feel
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